Godparents are a gift, sent from above. They are guardian angels that were chosen with love .


We always considered that the godparents that we choose should be those we truly admire and from whom we have lots to learn. They are those who are wiser and more experienced than us and could stand by us in sickness and in health, and we are lucky to have found Marius and Dany, as they are truly amazing people!
  • Cristi
    I was a little skeptical of having one of Iulia’s colleague/boss as our godfather for the rest our life, but then I met Marius and felt that I have so much to learn. We speak the same language (PHP, JS etc) so we got along really fast.Dany is super cool, she has so much common sense! She loves good food and took me to some fantastic lunch spots in Bucharest. I am looking forward spending time with our new friends!
  • Iulia
    Marius has been a great source of inspiration for me and I knew that he also had a lot in common with Cristi (programming and all that) so we figured they were just perfect.Dany was the cherry on top as she is the kindest, sweetest person! I love her smile, her kind heart and she makes an excellent discussion partner.


As we value the importance of godparents in our wedding, we are honored to have a second pair of “padrinos”, Andreea and Doru. We have known each other for a long time and they represent an example to follow especially as a married couple. Their love and optimism are truly contagious. Andreea and Doru are two beautiful people with big hearts that we want to have forever in our lives.
  • Cristi
    Two beautiful friends. They have big souls, they are good listeners and advisors. From the first day I met Doru, he inspired me in my work with his professionalism and attention to details. I think they are perfect for each other and I look forward to many years of adventures with them!
  • Iulia
    I loved Andreea the moment I met her (Doru, can you say the same thing?😊). She is very positive and nice and it was very easy to get along with her. She and Doru make a great couple and it is always fun to be around them!

A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.


We have been blessed in this life to be having the most loving parents. They have always been there for us and we are extremely thankful for everything they have done for us, no matter what.

The families are now on the way of becoming one, and we are happy to have been accepted with arms wide-open with love by all parents-in-law.


Bridesmaids for a day, but best friends for life..

Ana Butucea

The one to always have by my side..

I have also been extremely lucky for my oldest and best friend to play a triple role at the wedding – maid of honor, bridesmaid and goddaughter. Ana is the smartest, kindest, wisest and best listener person ever and we love her with all our hearts!

Ana Milea


The little sister I always wanted to have! Though the youngest one in the crew, Ana seems to be very wise. She never lets anything upset her so she is an example of positivism that we want to pursue. She listens to us and always comes up with a logical and realistic journey to follow in order to look at the bright side of things. She is a must for the bridesmaids’ team!

Cătălina Tătăruș

Cătă has a biiiiig soul! She has always been a valuable ally to count on for any surprises we have made for each other, from treasure hunts to picking the engagement ring. She is very caring and protective of us and she is a great listener. I think we can all agree, she truly deserves to be part of the bridesmaids’ gang!

Andreea Șandru

The bubbliest of them all, Andreea is kind and with a beautiful soul. She proved to be a person you can always count on with anything, from bringing make-up to work to coming early so we can get coffee. We are thrilled to have her around on our special day:)

Sabina Pahonțu


Sabina has the ability to make you fall in love with her in an instant. She is caring and empathetic and a fantastic friend. We’ve known each other for a little over a year but we already had some memorable experiences together, both our weddings to name a few. Sabina is adaptable and fun to be around and  she never says ‘no’ to dancing!


Adventures’ comrades, friends, heroes.

A whole life of new memories awaits us!

Traian Dumitru

When I say we’ve known each other since we were born, I’m serious. My oldest friend, one of the few who have always been by my side. There are no subjects about which we did not speak. We have all kinds of memories, with good and bad. If I could travel thru time though, maybe I would not throw my bike on that Easter day 🙂

Dragoș Vlad


The most competitive Groomsman. Not the most reliable, but he has a good heart filled with surprises. He taught me a lot of things and was always there when I needed a shoulder. We both love him to the moon and back and are happy he is part of our special day!

Liviu Tureac


Liviu is such a good friend! He has always has been there for me, always open to meet and talk. We share a few common passions: snowboarding, food, computers, games etc. I know I can count on him with anything anytime. He is always ready to go on an adventure, be that on the slopes or on the other half of the planet.

Călin Seceleanu


The one friend with lots of ideas and open to try new things! He is a good partner for brainstorming and i know we make a great team and someday we will launch our own project for the world to enjoy. He is very calm in any situation and is a great match for Anicel which makes me honored to be their godfather.

George Drăghiciu


Best partner in games. A man with a lot of life experience from which I have lots to learn including his ambition for a healthy lifestyle. I’m glad that we get along so there is room for lots of adventures together in this lifetime.